We believe that a classic liberal arts education provides an important foundation that allows students to be informed, thoughtful, and active members of their communities. Our academic program is interactive and rigorous, designed to engage students in building skills and expanding their knowledge and ideas. Advanced Placement (AP) programs are offered across the core curriculum and in fine arts, and the math and science classes are just as solid and excellent as those in the humanities. Griffin School graduates are prepared for success in collegiate academics and for an active and reflective life that is full of new learning opportunities.

We believe that the mastery of meaningful academic content and skills is the goal of a high school education. For too many students, school is a succession of logistical tasks that are lacking in context within the coursework. Our teachers seek to engage students in active learning through reflection and self-discovery, direct instruction and guided practice, creative expression and performance.

We recognize that each student comes to us with a unique spectrum of strengths, interests, experience, affinities, and challenges that will affect and shape their learning. Because each student engages with the course content in their own way, we keep our class sizes small to enable significant group interaction and lots of individual attention from teachers. As on ongoing effort, our staff works closely with students and their parents to develop graduation plans that will engage and challenge each student appropriately.

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