Our goal is for students to be engaged and challenged in each class; students are encouraged and guided to choose classes at the appropriate level – AP/Pre-AP or College Prep – given their aptitude, experience, and skills. We offer Advanced Placement classes in all disciplines. Upperclassmen are encouraged to take college- level coursework at Austin Community College as a part of its free Early College Start Program – another way to earn college credits while still in high school. We provide thoughtful guidance with course selection and long-term academic planning so each student gets the academic experience that enables them to master a broad and classical liberal arts curriculum and gain deeper experience in the disciplines where that have special interest and passion.

Our basic required curriculum roughly parallels the “Recommended High School Program” as defined by the Texas Education Agency for public school graduation. Lots of additional elective courses are offered in both traditional disciplines and fine arts. For a full list of core academic course offerings, see the download link below.