English III

Instructor: Jack Kaulfus
Class Description: English III explores modes of argument through both fiction and nonfiction. Students will read and carefully analyze a broad and challenging range of literary selections, deepening their awareness of rhetoric and syntax. Through close reading and frequent writing (both formal and informal), students will develop ability to work with language and text with a greater awareness of purpose and strategy. Equally important – while learning to analyze their own ideas, students will also be figuring out how their own individual writing processes work.

The most important part of this class involves developing a new framework of argument that incorporates multiple points of view. In class, we rely on discussion of issues that affect the way we choose to live, make decisions for our futures, and treat other people.

Units include:

  • Great Philosophical Questions: Who am I? Is morality relative? What’s the best way to make decisions?
  • Rhetoric and Identity: How language constructs and changes individual and group identities
  • American Transcendentalism: A literary movement during a most contentious social time in America
  • Annual Short Story Contest: Student judged. This year’s theme: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
  • Nickel and Dimed: The changing economic and social landscape in America