Instructor: Rudy Ramirez

DescriptionTheatre consists of a space, an audience and at least one performer. Theatre can be done with lavish and expensive sets, lights and costumes or the most minimal of design elements on a shoestring budget. Above all, theatre is collaborative: it demands that everyone involved, audience included, work together to create a world onstage. This class is designed to give you a sample of all that goes into making theatre: acting, directing, playwriting, producing, designing, and critical thinking about the work you make and the work you see. The practice of theatre teaches all those who participate in it how to work imaginatively, how to use their body to communicate, how to share space and how to actively engage with their fellow artists. This class will teach those skills andothers over the course of the semester, with students working towards an exhibition of monologues and scenes in the Fall Art Show and a full production of a play in February.