2D Art & Design

InstructorWill Hatch Crosby
Description: This course will expose students to the elements of two-dimensional art and design through the exploration of a variety of media and techniques including drawing and painting. These design concepts will be used as a foundation for exploration; once students know and understand the basic rules of design, they are encouraged to strategically follow or ignore them to achieve their artistic vision. Students will learn a basic level of art history and contemporary art and will be encouraged to reflect on the type of art that resonates with them personally. Students will be challenged through a series of projects to fully develop their concepts and implement all relevant design elements in each piece of work. On the due date of every project, there will be a class critique where students are expected to share their process with their peers. Above all else, students will be taught to explore their personal expression and discover new ways of seeing and connecting through art making. This course will build upon the skills and concepts explored in Foundations of Art – 2D, and support students in continuing to develop a personal artistic practice. Prerequisite: Foundations of Art – 2D, or teacher approval.