Advanced Music Theory and Composition

Instructor: Akina Adderley
DescriptionThis course is designed for students already possessing a working knowledge of the language of music and comprehension of basic and intermediate theory and ear training. Building on their existing knowledge, students will learn concepts and gain skills necessary to create original compositions in a variety of styles. Even students who already have experience in composition will learn new techniques and enhance their creative toolbox! The goal is for students to both develop more advanced skills in the mechanics of composition as well as to push themselves creatively. Students will explore various genres and artists, then apply observed techniques to their own work. Students will also increase facility with reading and notating various types of sheet music (by hand and using digital software), including jazz charts. Finally, in order to allow students to go into great depth, we will take some of our course work from AP Music Theory, including mastery of hearing and writing a variety of chords, intervals, scales and keys, meter, rhythms, forms, etc.

Prerequisite: Foundations of Music or teacher approval (based on assessment).