Foundations of Music

Instructors: Kyle Clayton and Akina Adderley
Description: This course is designed to give students an introduction to music’s mechanics, insight into music’s function, and facility with the language of music. In this course, students will develop skills in basic music theory and ear training. Through a variety of written, aural, and hands-on exercises and assignments, students will study notation, rhythm, pitch, melody, chords, scales, and other music fundamentals. Students will also learn beginner piano, and use the piano as a linear tool with which to contextualize the concepts we learn. The skills developed and concepts learned in this course will prepare students to do higher level composition work, be more effective and capable musicians and ensemble members, or just give music appreciators a deeper understanding of the music they enjoy. By the end of this course, students will be able to create and recognize a variety of rhythms, melodies, and chords (orally/aurally, on the piano, and through notation), accurately convey musical ideas, and read simple charts and sheet music. This class is a prerequisite for both House Band and Advanced Music Theory & Composition.