Songwriting and Composition

InstructorFrederico Geib
DescriptionWhat are the processes that musicians undergo in their mission to bring their inner sound to the outer world? What are the basics of music theory, form, verse, rhythm and phonetics that all Musicmakers must master? What are the most effective ways to put words to music and vice-versa? Once the musical part is done, how do you make sure you can get your music heard while also protecting your copyright and publishing, in a professional manner?  Whether you are a writer who wants to put music into your creations, or a musician who wants to strengthen your writing and composition skills, this course will provide you with solid Musicmakers’ skills in an environment that cherishes creativity, experimentation and collaboration. While we will study accomplished songwriters and composers, the majority of the course is designed as a creative Lab, with everyone creating while sharing on-going work and collaborating with others.