Sports – Rigorous Training, Competitive Teams
An authentic dedication to competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship defines our team sports program – yes we are a small academic/arts school that is serious about sports. Griffin is a member of the Texas Association of Independent Athletic Organizations (TAIAO), the Austin Private School Association (APSA), and the Ultimate Players League of Austin (UPLA). We compete with private, charter, and public high schools around the Austin area in basketball, cross country, soccer, track and field, Ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball.

P.E. at Griffin – Not just a box to check
We believe that everyone should work-up a good sweat a few times each week. It’s just good for you. Every Griffin student takes physical education classes throughout their tenure in high school so that physical activity becomes a life practice. There are options for the jocks as well as the yoga kids, but one way or another, you are going to sweat. And get strong. And feel alive. Our P.E. classes include: Aerobic Workout, Yoga, Warrior Arts, Gardening, Recreational Team Sports, and CrossFit (we bus the class to CrossFit City Limits)!

Griffin Athletic Programs include: