Letter to Alumni

Dearest Griffin School Alumni,

It is always hard to keep up with you. You move a lot. You are constantly changing emails (we’re glad you dropped “asleeponthecouch@hotmail.com” for something more professional but it’s just hard to keep up with you). Some of you even have new names now. Yes, you are elusive, and we respect that. Mystery and intrigue are good.

But we miss you. Please call soon.

Better yet, share your news with your classmates by sending us an update for the newsletter and website at griffin@https://griffinschool.org. Include a picture of your beautiful face so we can post it. For our part, we’ll make sure you get a newsletter from the school a couple times a year letting you know what’s going on lately in your former stomping grounds. We’ll keep you in touch with the Griffin people who were a part of your life back in high school. We’ll reach out to you for help every now and then. And we’ll let you know when we’re having a big gathering of folks like you.

Seriously, each student leaves a mark on this community that is a legacy that carries on beyond their time here. All the leadership, all the silliness, all the drama, all the stress, all the mistakes and awkwardness, all the joy and happiness, all the creativity and expression… all this is part of what makes Griffin School an authentic community, a place that is real. We honor your contribution to this community and the legacy you have left behind.

Your connection to this community does not end when you graduate and move on to the next phase of your life. One way or another you had an impact on this school and being here helped shape who you are today. Please stay in touch.

Warmest Regards,


The Griffin School Community