Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

A Message from the Head of School

Dear Griffin School Community,

In a time of global pandemic, we are required to do everything possible to keep our students and families safe, limit the spread of COVID-19, and work to avoid a public health crisis in our community. As of March 14, 2020, Griffin School campus is closed and all in-person school activities have been cancelled until further notice. We have not set a return date to campus, and our focus is on sustaining student learning and an authentic sense of community during this remarkable and unsettling period.

As we shift to a new mode, we remain wholly committed to our mission to provide a school experience that is defined by academic rigor and creativity with a spirit of generosity, kindness, and compassion. Especially in this time apart, we are leading with flexibility, care, and empathy for our students and families.

Active Teaching and Real Engagement in Learning

Griffin School has launched a comprehensive program of online classes in order to sustain the kind of interactive and engaging learning experience our students deserve. This is more than the posting of assignments to be done independently at home with limited support. Griffin teachers are leading synchronous classes on a standard schedule throughout the week. This gives students the structure of the school day, the chance to be actively engaged in their learning, and the real-time support teachers can provide in the virtual classroom. 

Authentic Community

As we shelter in place and maintain physical distance from each other, our work to maintain an authentic sense of community is more important than ever. Every committee and club has shifted their focus to create opportunities for connection during this time apart so that students feel the care and support of their school community. For all of us, this is a call to action: what can I do to offer compassion and connection to others? What can we do to contribute to the critical needs that are manifesting in our community right now? 

Our Cherished Springtime Traditions

Many students are feeling a deep sense of loss because of the anticipated changes in cherished traditions that are part of the spring season at Griffin. Prom, the Spring Arts Showcase, the Athletics Banquet, and Commencement are some of our most meaningful events, and they are in flux. We are especially feeling love and compassion for our seniors, the Griffin Class of 2020, who has envisioned participating in these rites of passage as a way to mark the end of this era of their lives and to celebrate all that is to come. 

There is no substitute for being together in these moments, but we are committed to doing all we can to make each of these spring events happen. We will do many of our spring events through a virtual platform in the most creative and personal way we can. For some, we will plan ahead for the time when we can be together again, in-person, on campus. We are all longing for that time.

Seeking a Higher Purpose

Until we are together again to celebrate the end of this challenging time, let’s recommit to the work that guides our lives at Griffin: practicing kindness with each other and with ourselves, acting on our curiosity and being responsible for our own learning, and working toward a more just, inclusive, and equitable world. Do the things that make you feel healthy and strong. Remain patient and compassionate to the people in your home. Look for ways that you can make a difference in the world.


Adam Wilson, Head of School


How To Contact Us

If your student or family has any specific needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to uswe’re on call for you!  We’re now calling the “Griffin Hotline” and it’s the quickest way to reach us. Email the Hotline to report absences during online school hours, to report technical issues during an online class or if you can’t locate a class link, or for anything else you need. 

For questions about admissions or shadowing (we’re doing online shadows!), email Caroline Wilson at

Where Do I Find the Latest Information?

To stay up-to-date on school information, current students and families should stay tuned to their “This Week at Griffin” emails. In addition, all families are welcome to attend our Wednesday morning Zoom Town Halls for announcements as well as our casual Zoom Parent Coffees on Friday mornings.

In addition, many people are finding the “Griffin Today” on the Pin To Mind Go app useful during this period to see the daily calendar, remote class schedule, and information about upcoming events. Refer to your “This Week at Griffin” emails for more information on how to download the app.

   Our Faculty Ready to Greet Students!

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