Photography and Yearbook

Instructor: Bonnie Berry
Description: This year we are combining the photography and yearbook electives into a year long course! You can choose to participate for one semester or both. Yearbook students work behind the scenes to capture the culture and student life of Griffin! You will learn marketable skills in typography, design, production and in photography capturing, editing, processing, and management. Yearbook is a collaborative effort and students will gain valuable experience working both independently and together as a staff. The first semester will primarily entail learning manual exposure for beginning students and photoshop skills for every level. We will be shooting athletic games and whole school celebrations (and you’ll get volunteer hours for documenting them!). The design portion of the first semester will be focused on choice of a yearbook identity system including color and typography and page template creation as well as photo management. The second semester will veer more towards yearbook production to meet our deadline. We will also continue photographing events and take staff and student portraits. We’ll end the year with a short video project that captures life at Griffin. This class is a high production class! There is a great deal of work to be done, but also a lot of fun to be had. If you are  predisposed to photography and/or design, this class will give you a taste for what these métiers are like in the working world. A personal laptop, a digital SLR camera, 8GB or bigger CF/SD card; external, portable hard drive; and thumb drive, and Adobe Photoshop CC are required (monthly Photoshop Creative Cloud subscription is $9.99/month).  If you choose this class, we’ll contact you to find out if you are a beginner or intermediate photographer to help us shape the curriculum of the class.