All Veta Louise Simmons wants is for her daughter, Myrtle Mae, to have a chance at a decent place in society one day and for her brother, Elwood P. Dowd, to be happy, respectable, and sane.  This proves difficult when Elwood’s best friend and constant companion is a six-foot-tall white rabbit named Harvey whom only Elwood can see.  After Elwood brings Harvey home and “introduces” him to Myrtle and Veta’s high-society party guests, it is the last straw for Veta, and she decides she must commit her brother to a sanitarium.  When she admits a dark secret to the sanitarium’s doctor, what follows is a wild chase to lock both
Veta and Elwood away as “Harvey” forces everyone involved to question reality and their own sanity.

Written by Mary Chase towards the end of World War II as a way to help the people in her community and country cope with loss, Harvey received the 1945 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  Centered around a sweet and generous protagonist who escapes, or perhaps embraces, reality through imagination and an acceptance of the magical and miraculous, Mary Chase’s play enchanted
audiences who were hungry for humor and hope in the face of war.

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