Core Faculty

Ashley Bruni,


B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, Science Teaching Certificate, Texas State University
Teaching at Griffin since 2017
“The world of mathematics opens up a world that you never imagined when you take advantage of the possibilities it opens to you, whether it be seeing the beauty in things or opening up more lifelong opportunities” -Unknown.

Darling Membreño,


M.A., Spanish Language and Teaching Spanish to Native and Heritage Speakers, University of New Hampshire; B.A., Spanish Liguistics, University of California at Riverside
Teaching at Griffin since 2018
“Learning to speak new languages opens up one’s mind to understanding the world from a different perspective. There are times in which we lack the words to express ourselves in one language, but can find the perfect words in another. Not only can we better express ourselves, but I truly believe that understanding and speaking to somebody else in their native tongue speaks directly to the heart. Let’s quiet our mouths and let our hearts speak to one another in the beauty that is the Spanish language.”

Debra Lambert,


M.A., Teaching, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, B.S., Information Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Teaching at Griffin since 2014
“Math is a wonderfully challenging puzzle that we can use to flex our brain muscles everyday. In class we aim for a safe, comfortable space where we can relax, think and learn. I have learned that getting my students to smile during math class is not only fun, it is imperative to their learning. If we can smile together, we can take risks together.”

Emily Glankler,


M.A., History, Texas State University; B.A., History, International Studies, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Teaching at Griffin since 2018
“Most of the world’s problems could be solved if everyone just paid more attention in social studies class.”

Flor Mota,


M.A., English Literature, Middlebury College-Bread Loaf School of English B.A., English, University of Texas at Austin with Special Honors
Teaching at Griffin since 2018
My guiding philosophy is that good writing is neither an accident nor the result of natural talent but the product of hard work and careful thinking. It is also the cornerstone of a good education. Success in education goes far beyond quantifiable test scores. My students have taught me that the skills and habits they learned in my classes on the way to becoming observant readers and confident writers stay with them long after they graduate from high school. Their stories aren’t quantifiable, but they are my most meaningful measures of my own success.

Jack Kaulfus,


M.F.A., Fiction, Texas State University, B.A., English Literature, University of Texas at Austin
Teaching at Griffin since 2008
“It’s difficult to feel part of the living world when you can’t access the past or think critically about the present. Reading and creating literature, in all its forms, is a way to forge connections where there appear to be none. It’s my goal to provide a safe space for creating and testing those connections so that students leave my classroom confident in their abilities to not only form ideas, but to communicate them.”

Jeff Capra,

US History

M.A., European History, Texas State University, B.A., Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
Teaching at Griffin since 2008
“I’m convinced that history, economics, and government all offer an opportunity for our students to understand their community, their state, their country and the broader world in a deeper and more meaningful way. How did the political, social, and economic environment we all share come to be the way it is? These are the fundamental questions of my classes. Together we tackle the challenge of understanding these realities, challenging them in meaningful ways, and articulating our views about how things might be better or different.”

Jessica Compton,


MA, Teaching Latin & Classical Humanities, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, BA, Classics, Emory University
Teaching at Griffin since 2016
“Latin is a beautiful, ancient language, and I believe that a Latin program should give students an appreciation for the differences among languages and cultures, improve their English vocabulary and reading skills, establish a core cultural literacy in history and mythology, and impart to them a lifelong fascination with the ancient world and a love of its literature.”

Kyle Clayton,

Sciences, Music

M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University
Teaching at Griffin since 2017
“Chemistry is the science of various types of matter and how they react to each other. Physics is the science of how matter and forces interact with each other. That covers basically everything… except music. Music encompasses expression, emotion and soul… I can’t imagine a better place to share knowledge in these subjects than with the people of Griffin School.”

Lawrence Morgan,

Social Science

B.A., History & English, University of Texas at Austin
Teaching at Griffin since 1997
“Anyone who cannot give an account to oneself of the past three thousand years remains in darkness, without experience, living from day to day.” -Goethe

Rudy Ramirez,

English, Theatre

M.A., Performance as Public Practice, University of Texas at Austin, B.A., University of Pennsylvania
Teaching at Griffin since 2013
“When I walked into the English building at the University of Pennsylvania my freshman year and saw a big mural of Shakespeare’s face, I knew I was in the right spot. Since then, my tastes have changed, and I could name dozens of playwrights and other authors I love more, but it was never lost on me that the Big Giant Head of the English Language wrote for the stage. The deep fascination of my life is how we use words to express emotions and ideas that exist beyond language, whether those words are written on a page or spoken aloud to an audience. We will never truly know one another’s thoughts, but in theatre and literature we find the beauty in the striving”

Ryan Young,


B.S. Mathematics and Secondary Education, University of Colorado at Boulder
Teaching at Griffin since 2011

Samuel Griffin,


M.A., Secondary Science Education, Mississippi State University, B.A. Science Education, Mississippi State University
Teaching at Griffin since 2014
“Life sciences are such an interesting way to explore the world around us. The sense of wonder and discovery of the worlds we occupy can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and where we fit on this beautiful planet. It is my hope that through these discoveries, my students become more aware of the effects they have on the organisms and environments that they interact with on an everyday basis.”

Sharon Doerre,

World Geography

Ph.D., Anthropology, The University of Texas at Austin; M.A., Anthropology and Middle Eastern studies, The University of Texas at Austin; B.A., Anthropology, Grinnell College
Teaching at Griffin since 2018
“Cognitive psychology has shown that the mind best understands facts when they are woven into a conceptual fabric, such as a narrative, mental map, or intuitive theory. Disconnected facts in the mind are like unlinked pages on the Web. They might as well not exist.” Steven Pinker

Valeria Camnasio-Quevedo,


B.A., Secondary Science Education, Instituto Superior del Profesorado Joaquin V. Gonzalez, Buenos Aires, B.S. Physics, University of Buenos Aires
Teaching at Griffin since 2008
“I strongly believe that everyone can learn Science or anything if they are inspired to find their own path to success.”