Core Faculty

Charles Logan, English I & II

M.F.A., Fiction Writing, Brooklyn College, B.A., English Literature, Middlebury College
Teaching at Griffin since 2013
“I am a co-creator of knowledge, a teacher who learns as much as he instructs. Entering our classroom, students can expect questions over lectures, deep learning over shallow fact-finding, and an active dialogue bent on discovery. We study, debate, play, and practice. We follow our curiosity, take risks, stumble, reflect upon and learn from our mistakes, and when the school year ends, we leave each other’s company more confident, empathetic, and inquisitive learners.”

Debra Lambert, Algebra I & Geometry

M.A., Teaching, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, B.S., Information Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Teaching at Griffin since 2014

“Math is a wonderfully challenging puzzle that we can use to flex our brain muscles everyday.  In class we aim for a safe, comfortable space where we can relax, think and learn.  I have learned that getting my students to smile during math class is not only fun, it is imperative to their learning. If we can smile together, we can take risks together.”


Ian Chambers, Spanish I, II, III & IV

M.A., Spanish, Texas State University, B.A., Philosophy & Religious Studies, St. Edward’s University
Teaching at Griffin since 2014

“Spanish is a living language that can improve one’s knowledge of the world on a number of fronts.  It is an honor to teach this valuable skill set.  My goal is to teach the students to teach themselves. As a guide, I hope that students start to identify with themselves as the most valuable resource for learning.”

Jack Kaulfus, English III & IV

M.F.A., Fiction, Texas State University, B.A., English Literature, University of Texas at Austin
Teaching at Griffin since 2008

“It’s difficult to feel part of the living world when you can’t access the past or think critically about the present. Reading and creating literature, in all its forms, is a way to forge connections where there appear to be none. It’s my goal to provide a safe space for creating and testing those connections so that students leave my classroom confident in their abilities to not only form ideas, but to communicate them.”

Jamila Dean, World Geography

M.A., History, University of Texas San Antonio, B.A., History, St. Mary’s University
Teaching at Griffin since 2016

“Beyond striving to ensure students gain fundamental content knowledge in a course, an educator should impart imaginative ways to approach new ideas. My greatest gift as an educator is seeing wanderlust grow in a student through learning. Let’s shatter global ignorance together!”


Jane Lozano, Co-Founder, Mathematics

B.S., Education, University of Texas at Austin
Teaching at Griffin since 1996

“I like the challenge of being the math teacher at a school that focuses on the arts. I find that having a classroom environment that is fun and encourages lively participation fosters success for my students.”


Jeff Capra, US History, Government, Economics

M.A., European History, Texas State University, B.A., Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
Teaching at Griffin since 2008
“I’m convinced that history, economics, and government all offer an opportunity for our students to understand their community, their state, their country and the broader world in a deeper and more meaningful way. How did the political, social, and economic environment we all share come to be the way it is? These are the fundamental questions of my classes. Together we tackle the challenge of understanding these realities, challenging them in meaningful ways, and articulating our views about how things might be better or different.”

Jessica Compton, Latin I, II, III & IV

MA, Teaching Latin & Classical Humanities, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, BA, Classics, Emory University
Teaching at Griffin since 2016

“Latin is a beautiful, ancient language, and I believe that a Latin program should give students an appreciation for the differences among languages and cultures, improve their English vocabulary and reading skills, establish a core cultural literacy in history and mythology, and impart to them a lifelong fascination with the ancient world and a love of its literature.”


Lawrence Morgan, World History, Government, Economics

B.A., History & English, University of Texas at Austin
Teaching at Griffin since 1997

“Anyone who cannot give an account to oneself of the past three thousand years remains in darkness, without experience, living from day to day.” -Goethe


Samuel Griffin, Sciences

M.A., Secondary Science Education, Mississippi State University, B.A. Science Education, Mississippi State University
Teaching at Griffin since 2014

“Life sciences are such an interesting way to explore the world around us.  The sense of wonder and discovery of the worlds we occupy can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and where we fit on this beautiful planet.  It is my hope that through these discoveries, my students become more aware of the effects they have on the organisms and environments that they interact with on an everyday basis.”


Valeria Camnasio-Quevedo, Sciences

B.A., Secondary Science Education, Instituto Superior del Profesorado Joaquin V. Gonzalez, Buenos Aires, B.S. Physics, University of Buenos Aires
Teaching at Griffin since 2008

“I strongly believe that everyone can learn Science or anything if they are inspired to find their own path to success.”