Foundations of 2D Design

Instructor: Johnny Walker
Description: 2D designers create solutions to visual problems. They generate visual concepts and images to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate viewers. Foundations of 2D Design is a project based course. We will design and create every day. We’ll learn about the elements and principles of 2D design through their application. There are often many different solutions to any single problem. In this class we will create multiple design iterations for each assignment. Through the notes you take and the work you make, you will learn the vocabulary of 2D design. There will be occasional quizzes where you will be required to write definitions and make drawings that provide examples of specific design elements and principles. There will be a small amount of homework that will mostly consist of taking photos of examples of different design elements that you find in the world at large. We will all exhibit work throughout the semester, share and discuss work in critiques, and each student will have work in the Winter Art Show. (This class is a pre-requisite to 2D Art & Design)