The Curriculum




The core curriculum at Griffin School includes a broad foundation in English language and literature, fine arts, foreign language, history, mathematics, and science. The arts are an emphasis for the whole program and are cross- referenced throughout the curriculum – for more on Griffin fine arts programs, see our Arts section.

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered across the curriculum in junior and senior level classes. These challenging courses provide college-level content and rigor and enable students to earn college credit while still in high school. Underclassmen can take Pre-AP coursework in preparation for AP classes and for a GPA bump. It’s important to note that we call our regular (non-AP) classes “college-prep” classes since they are just as excellent, creative, and engaging as our AP (college-level) classes. We don’t offer “blow-off” classes.

To round out our students’ educational experience, we require physical health activities and service learning throughout their time at Griffin School. We also provide a series of classes that help students understand their own neuro-developmental profile and learn skills in organization and time management, critical reading, group dialog, standardized test-taking and college preparation.

The culmination of the high school experience at Griffin is the Senior Service Project. In the spring of their final year, students research and plan a school presentation about a local social issue about which they are passionate. Then they organize and facilitate a group volunteer effort on an effort related to their issue of choice. Through this project, seniors develop their leadership skills and work to incite positive change in the community.